More fun than you do, part 3.

SO, this is the last set of photos that I made for the theatre photography course. I promise that this is the last! And there is only 16 of these photos so you can manage to watch them through.

The "play" was mostly improvised dancing and it's called "Sivu neljä… it's a mess" (Page four… it's a mess). It's a production of 2nd year dance students from Theatre Academy Helsinki.

That's all folks!


LOVE is all around

Today I went to see a play with free tickets because I photographed it earlier as a school work. Though this happened in November and I'm hopelessly late with this shit. Oh well, here are the "best that I could get" about a play called Rakastaja (The Lover), originally written by Harold Pinter. More info from here.


More fun than you do number two

Same play as previous (Conversation with an Ant Colony), different set of photos.
These feel just as sketches as the first ones. I have no idea how to photograph dancing.


More fun than you do.

Lately, I've been doing some photography in Theatre Academy Helsinki.

These are some sketches, it's the first time that I photograph shows like this.

The name of this play (it includes lots of dance also) is Conversation with an ant colony.


Once upon a time in Somero

The last month of summer is nearly over and I decided to share some summer memories from our summer cottage tour in Somero in June.